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Psilo® is a new and better generation of mushroom growing kits. We have been working hard since 2019 to provide the best quality product, combining excellent cultivation results in an eco-friendly biodegradable box. We are selecting the best genotypes and creating the most efficient original substrate.

The brand “Psilo” is revolutionizing the world of grow kits by providing psychonauts and mushroom enthusiasts with unique, innovative grow kits. “Psilo” products are distinguished not only by their exceptional aesthetics but also by the full automation of the cultivation process, making them an ideal choice for individuals at any level of experience, from beginner hobbyists to advanced cultivators.

Be Psilo & Enjoy Journey!

*Grow kits are intended for microscopic observation or for collecting purposes. Store at 2-4 degrees Celsius. The information about mushrooms is for educational purposes and fruiting should is not allowed.

Psilocybe mycelium is considered legal in most countries that are members of the United Nations. The European Union embraces the free movement of goods, although nations with more stringent drug laws have made necessary legislative adjustments. We cannot confirm the legality of mycelium kits across all EU member states. We advise you to extensively verify the legality of these mushroom cultivation kits in both your own country and any other EU country you might consider sending them to or transporting them through. Buying mycelium kits from our shop and crossing international borders, or purchasing online for shipment to another EU country, carries risks that you assume. By engaging in such activities, you absolve us from any legal responsibility.

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