Full-auto Albino A+ growkit

Psilocybe cubensis ‘Albino A+’ is a unique variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms that stands out for its appearance and properties. As the name suggests, this variety has albinotic traits, making its caps lighter than standard Psilocybe cubensis, with colors ranging from pale white to very light cream. However, they are not completely white, which is a common misunderstanding; instead, they have a slightly translucent and pearlescent hue. Interestingly, despite their albinotic pigmentation, the spores of these mushrooms remain dark, which is an exception to typical characteristics of albinism in nature.


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Generally, psilocybe mycelium is recognized as legal across most UN member nations. The European Union’s rule allowing the free movement of goods is in place, yet some countries have amended their laws due to tougher drug policies. It’s beyond our ability to confirm the legality of mycelium kits in each European Union member state. As such, we urge you to carefully check if these mushroom growing kits are permitted in your own country and any other EU nation you plan to ship or transport them to. When you buy mycelium kits from our store for crossing borders or for online purchase and delivery to another EU state, you do so at your own risk. Such actions mean you relieve us of any legal liability automatically.ย 

Full-auto Albino A+ – a fully automatic, maintenance-free growkit.

Origin: 'Albino A+' is known for producing large, well-formed fruit bodies that can reach impressive sizes under the right cultivation conditions. These mushrooms are valued by both amateur and experienced growers for several reasons: ease of cultivation, aesthetic appearance, and strong psychedelic effects. The effects of these mushrooms are characterized by deep visual sensations, changes in the perception of time and space, and intense emotional and spiritual experiences.

Appearance: White or light-colored mushrooms with a cap that can appear almost translucent. They often bruise blue when handled.

Potency: Can be quite potent. Known for a more introspective and visual experience, often with a slightly more intense onset compared to other strains. It is worth noting that 'Albino A+' is also sought after by psychedelic mushroom enthusiasts for its potential use in microdosing, which involves taking small doses to enhance creativity, mental well-being, and even for therapeutic purposes. This variety, like other mushrooms of the Psilocybe genus, contains psychoactive substances such as psilocybin and psilocin, which are responsible for its hallucinogenic effects.

The information about mushrooms is for educational purposes and fruiting is not allowed.

Odmiana Albino A+

Growkit weight: ~700g (1000ml)

Average yield size: 450g


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Ease of Use

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Sustainable Development

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Support and Education

“Psilo” offers a rich source of knowledge and support for its customers. From guides and video tutorials to direct expert support – all to make mushroom cultivation simple, safe, and satisfying.

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