Full-auto Thai growkit

Psilocybe cubensis ‘Thai’ is one of many strains of hallucinogenic mushrooms of the Psilocybe cubensis species. These strains vary slightly in characteristics such as appearance, maturation time, and the intensity of psychedelic effects. The ‘Thai’ variety is known for its rapid growth cycle and relatively strong psychedelic effects. Below, I’ll present general information on the cultivation and characteristics of Psilocybe cubensis, which also applies to the ‘Thai’ variety.


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In the majority of UN member states, the legality of psilocybe mycelium is generally acknowledged. While the European Union promotes the free movement of goods, modifications have been made in some countries with strict drug regulations. We are not in a position to guarantee the legality of mycelium kits in every EU country. Consequently, we suggest that you rigorously investigate whether it is legal to possess these kits for growing mushrooms in your country and any other EU country to which you might send or bring them. The responsibility is yours when you purchase these kits from our store and either cross borders or send them via online transaction to another EU country. Undertaking such transactions exempts us from any legal obligations.

Full-auto Thai – a fully automatic, maintenance-free growkit.


Cap: Young caps are conical, becoming flatter with age. Their color can range from light brown to golden brown, often with lighter edges.
Gills: Located under the cap, the gills change from light gray to dark violet-black with age.
Stem: The stem is usually long and slender, whitish, with a fibrous structure. A swelling may occur at the base. The stem can range from 4 to 12 centimeters in length and 0.5 to 1.5 centimeters in thickness. It often exhibits a slightly bulbous base and may bruise blue when handled due to the presence of psilocybin. The surface of the stem can appear smooth or slightly striated.
Potency: Generally moderate to high. Known for producing a more energetic and social trip, often with intense visuals. Energetic and social with intense visuals, moderate to high potency.

Growth and Cultivation
Psilocybe cubensis 'Thai' is relatively easy to cultivate, making it a popular choice among beginners. These mushrooms thrive in warm, humid conditions, at temperatures around 23-26ยฐC.

The information about mushrooms is for educational purposes and fruiting is not allowed.

Odmiana Albino A+

Growkit weight: ~700g (1000ml)

Average yield size: 450g


The brand “Psilo” is revolutionizing the world of cultivating grow kits by providing psychonauts and mushroom enthusiasts with unique, innovative Psilocybe grow kits. “Psilo” products are distinguished not only by their exceptional aesthetics but also by the full automation of the cultivation process, making them an ideal choice for individuals at any level of experience, from beginner hobbyists to advanced cultivators.



“Psilo” employs the latest technologies in the field of biology and engineering to ensure optimal growth conditions. Each growkit is equipped with a bag that automatically regulates the ambient humidity.


Ease of Use

Thanks to full automation, “Psilo” growkits eliminate the need for daily checks and adjustments by the user. All you need to do is set the basic parameters at the first startup, and the system will take care of the rest.



“Psilo” also does not forget about aesthetics. Their products stand out from the competition with a beautiful, modern design that fits any interior. The growkits are compact and stylish, allowing them to be discreetly integrated into the home environment.


Sustainable Development

The brand places great emphasis on ecology. “Psilo” growkits are made from environmentally friendly materials, and the bags are reusable, which minimizes their impact on the planet.


Support and Education

“Psilo” offers a rich source of knowledge and support for its customers. From guides and video tutorials to direct expert support – all to make mushroom cultivation simple, safe, and satisfying.

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