Mushroom Growth with Psilocybin – Tips and Warnings in the FAQ Below. Growkits are legal in most EU countries, but before ordering, make sure there aren’t stricter policies in your country.

Fruiting Growth

The following points outline what to avoid to prevent fruiting when growth observation is illegal in your country.

  1. Under the sealed lid, there is another one that needs to be torn off by pulling it upwards with a firm motion, starting from any corner.
  2. Place the first lid upside down (it will be needed later) and place the growkit on it, then cover the growkit with the attached bag, with the opening downwards. Secure the bag to the growkit with the rubber band provided.
  3. Place the bag away from direct sunlight but with access to reflected light or artificial light. Grow kits should also have a nighttime cycle. It’s not precisely defined how many hours of light/night – a few hours of light per day is enough, but it can also be 12/12 or other proportions.
Thai growkit

FAQ. Additional Recommendations

  • The ambient temperature should not exceed 20-25 degrees Celsius.
  • After setting up the kit, just wait, without intervening by spraying or ventilating.
  • The specially designed bag maintains optimal conditions throughout the colonization stage.
  • Do not water before setting up.
  • Only water for subsequent flushes for 2 hours and cover with the original lid.
  1. Harvest the mushrooms when they are fully matured, meaning when most of the fruit bodies have fully opened caps and completely detached veils. Gently twist the fruit bodies from the substrate.
  2. Carefully pour water along the wall, not directly onto the mycelium in the box, up to 1cm below the top rim. Cover with the original lid and leave for two hours. Pour out the water from the box, then repeat everything from the second point.
growkit thai3 psylocybine

The following points concern countries where growth observation is not illegal.

  1. When a white fuzz appears, everything is fine – it’s mycelium.
  2. The first pins appear around 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it can take up to a month. It depends on conditions and the whims of the mycelium 😉
  3. Keep the bag on the growkit until the fruit bodies are fully matured.
  4. When black mold appears on the mycelium, it’s usually spores being dropped by the mushroom, causing no harm.
  5. If the growkit molds (you can tell by the smell), discard the growkit, fruit bodies, and contact us at